Munich is generally known as a strong startup hub in Europe. The tight linkage to research and entrepreneurship facilities of TU-Munich seem to be on of the best ground for AI-driven companies in Germany.

European Super Angels Club has been actively investing in this field and focuses again on Europe’s leading AI-startups in 2019 – it was no question to hold awards for this sector and invite pre-selected startups to our partners venue in Munich. We enjoy to give young and innovative companies the opportunity to pitch in front of our highly selective group of early stage club members / investors.

We visited Munich, capital of Bavaria and one of Europe‘s hottest startup hubs in May and organized the fourth edition ‘Invest and Connect’ in cooperation with Wayra Germany in the very city center and awarded AI-pioneer Smartlane for the European finals held in Vienna on June, 17th.

Collaborations with Accelerators are important to us, as their venues are true hot-spots for local startup communities, not to mention the strong companies within their network, as well as the synergies.

It’s therefore not a surprise that European Super Angels Club (ESAC) partnered with one of Europe´s Top-20 startup Accelerators, Wayra Germany. A special thanks goes to Silke Grimhardt and her team for their help in delivering the event and supporting us on so many levels.

In his introduction speech ESAC President Berthold Baurek-Karlic pointed out the great opportunities and chances for young next-level-technology companies in Germany and the extremely high level of academic education at the countries startup hot-spots, like Berlin, Hamburg and of course Munich.

In our view it is a duty for a great country like Germany to support young innovation and to establish a worldwide competitive ecosystem to push this brilliant projects to the next stage. He emphasized the message that the European Super Angels Club is eager to connect and co-invest with local angel syndicates to increase the size of rounds available to startups and so improve their chances of scaling across Europe.

Germany is worldwide famous for many things – we believe some AI-Startups from this hub may even become as well known as “Oktoberfest” in a few years. Our analysts found impressive management-teams, combined with brilliant technological implementations of artificial intelligence for various sectors – the five we had on stage where really hard to select.

Let us tease you a little bit, if you missed the event:

One of the startups capitalizes on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in the field of video optimization and uses its unique software to revolutionize how individuals and media related businesses, small and large, can access, handle and process image related information.

The next startup in our presentation solves common problems in Nursing homes, as Nursing homes face big challenges, especially due to the lack of nurses. The technology supports nurses and residents of nursing homes with the help of unique sensor technology that can detect and analyze activities in rooms automatically.

The third startup pitching at the evening  matches all user devices used by one individual to a specific user/household, builds deep and broad user/household profiles, and predicts user/household purchase behavior by the use of deterministic and probabilistic methods including proprietary algorithms and machine learning technology.

The fourth startup develops a fast and cheap method for real-time plant nutrient analysis utilizing an AI model and then providing precise fertilization recommendations to farmers.

Our jury members consisting of Nicolas Barthalon (Ventech), Priyanshu Bhattacharya (Bryan, Garnier & Co) and Berthold Baurek-Karlic (President of European Super Angels Club) roasted the presenting startups with some sharp Q&A questions as well as offering wisdom on how to avoid some of the pitfalls common to all entrepreneurs. Together with feedback from the audience one exceptional startup made the race – Monja Mühling, will be presenting Smartlane in Vienna on June 17th.

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Smartlane is a cloud-based logistics planning software which takes delivery service to the next level with maximum automation. With just a few clicks, orders can be scheduled, tours planned, controlled and control – integrated into existing systems via API or as a complete solution.

We can’t wait to award the best AI-startup from Switzerland – if you would like to join our upcoming ‘Invest and Connect’ event in taking place in Zurich on Wednesday June, 05th – sign up here.