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Unmanned Life: Pioneering Innovation in Port Security at Salon Nautico

In the heart of the bustling Port of Barcelona's agora, Salon Nautico took place this from October 11 until October 15. It showcased innovation that has the potential to redefine the future of port security and environmental protection. One of our portfolio companies, Unmanned Life, took center stage at Salon Nautico and presented its autonomous drone security solution. 
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Monkee Announces Exciting Partnership with SHAPING NEW TOMORROW

We're thrilled to announce another significant milestone. Monkee is entering into a promising partnership with SHAPING NEW TOMORROW. The partnership between Monkee and SHAPING NEW TOMORROW is a prime example of the potential that lies within the ESAC network.

ELOOP and Energie 360°: Revolutionizing Energy and Mobility Through Tokenization

ELOOP has achieved a groundbreaking milestone that is set to leave an indelible mark on the industries it operates in. It has secured a notable investment from Swiss energy company Energie 360°. This multi-million investment is set to push ELOOP's groundbreaking "Tokenization as a Service" platform into new frontiers, enabling not just car fleets but also infrastructure from the energy sector to be tokenized. 
Featured Image: Cybertrap The Newest Member of ESAC's Exclusive Portfolio

Announcing CYBERTRAP as the Newest Member of ESAC’s Exclusive Portfolio

The European Super Angels Club (ESAC) is thrilled to welcome CYBERTRAP into its elite portfolio of cutting-edge technology companies. With an investment exceeding half a million euros, ESAC has taken a significant step to empower and support this exceptional cybersecurity firm. 

Monkee and Westwing Join Forces: A Transformation for Your Wallet and Home

Monkee, one of our esteemed portfolio companies, has partnered with Westwing, a renowned destination for interior and home decor enthusiasts. It is a thrilling opportunity for savvy shoppers to earn cashback while indulging in stylish home upgrades.
Blog Article Featured Image: ESAC and Co-Investors invest €3 Million in sproof

European Super Angels Club and Co-Investors Invest €3 Million in Salzburg’s E-Signature Startup sproof

In a significant boost to Salzburg's thriving tech scene, the European Super Angels Club (ESAC) and co-investors have invested over €3 million in the promising e-signature startup, sproof. Led by Austrian President and Investor Berthold Baurek-Karlic, this investment certainly reaffirms the strength of European technology.

Enhancing the Crypto Experience: Unveiling the Upgraded Blockpit Dashboard

Blockpit, one of our esteemed portfolio companies, has introduced a significant development in their dashboard. The dedicated team at Blockpit has been diligently working on these exciting enhancements, aimed at revolutionizing the experience in crypto taxing and portfolio tracking. 
Blog article featured image: Unmanned Life: 2023 Maritime Accelerator

Innovations in Maritime Technology: Unmanned Life and the 2023 Maritime Accelerator

Among the chosen companies for the 2023 Maritime Accelerator programme, Unmanned Life stands out as a pioneering force in autonomous security drones and AI supply chain management.
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Unveiling the Future of Skincare: MedTech Startup Biome Diagnostics’ Innovative Collaboration for Healthier Skin

In an exciting and groundbreaking move, Biome Diagnostics has recently announced a strategic collaboration with esteemed partners in the realms of science, beauty, and technology.
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“Save Now, Buy Later”: Financial Wisdom in the Age of Consumption with Monkee as a Pioneer

In this article, we'll take a closer look at the "Save Now, Buy Later" trend, its origins, motivations. Furthermore, we'll see how Monkee has been successfully and inspiringly following this path for years. 
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Ahoi Kapptn! – From Corona Project to App Giant: How an Austrian Startup Renowned Clients Onboard

From its humble beginnings, Ahoi Kapptn! has transformed into a key player in app development, achieving remarkable successes. The company boasts renowned clients such as the Austrian Football Association (ÖFB), Investor and Business Angel Florian Gschwandtner, and Rotax, to name a few.
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Biome Diagnostics: Austrian MedTech Triumphs on NASDAQ

In a resounding triumph for the European MedTech industry, the Austrian powerhouse, Biome Diagnostics, has emerged as a beacon of excellence and innovation. We proudly congratulate Biome Diagnostics for its remarkable achievements and groundbreaking contributions to the field of medical microbiome diagnostics.