Founders of Butleroy are the former students at Campus Hagenberg: Simon Kapl, Gregor Pichler, Philipp Baldauf, and Philipp Jahoda.


Butleroy (formerly known as myAlfred) is the next generation of a digital assistant build upon machine learning. The startup, which was founded at the Campus Hagenberg, could already stand out at its launch in 2017, being a finalist at the “South by Southwest“ (SXSW) conference in Texas.

Other tools organize appointments depending on availability, but humans are way more flexible. We include many factors such as current weather, personal preferences and habits, or traveling time. With Butleroy, we have automatized this decision-making process. Our application learns from user behaviour and takes external factors into account. As a result, we can constantly optimize the scheduling”, says Butleroy CEO Phillip Baldauf.

He and his partners Gregor Pichler, Philipp Jahoda and Simon Kapl had been working intensely for two years on the tool before founding their business. The fifth founder and first supporter of the team is Christoph Schaffer, Head of the Mobile Computing Department at Campus Hagenberg, University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria. Hagenberg is known for its high standards in innovation and digital technology. Runtastic, one of Austria’s most successful startups (exit > €200m to Adidas), was also founded by students in Hagenberg.


The algorithm makes the difference

The team qualified at the last minute for the most recent roadshow of the European Super Angels Club. Within a few weeks, our network helped the founders to raise a mid-six-figure in their first round of financing.

Butleroy convinced us with their team and technology. The guys have been working together for many years and are highly qualified. They have succeeded in combining automatization and ideal appointment scheduling. This might sound trivial at first, but its possibilities go far beyond the planning of leisure, business, and travelling. We see an enormous potential when it comes to last mile optimization for delivery services and logistic operations.” – Berthold Baurek-Karlic, Director of the European Super Angels Club.


Investors from the Netherlands, Germany, and Austria

Investments from the Dutch Accelerator NEXT Amsterdam, the German consulting firm e&Co, as well as the investment company March15, were syndicated through the venture fund of the European Super Angels Club.

Butleroy has a great vision of artificial intelligence and future applications and a young team qualified to do so. We believe that working together with NEXT will create a quality platform with a scalable business model, said Esther Gons, founding partner of NEXT Amsterdam. 

We can benefit from our international investors regarding their broad experience and know-how about the successful development of startups. Being part of the Accelerator Program of NEXT Amsterdam allows us to be present in the most important tech and travel hub. We could already learn a lot from the other founders, experts, and startups which are included in the portfolio of Next. On the other hand, with e&Co. we have a partner who has successfully been investing in artificial intelligence for years, especially in tools from the automobile and mobility industry”, concludes Baldauf.