For the Smart Mobility Crowd Vote Winner

This year, the European Super Angels Club introduces a second award for its eight finalists – the ‘Smart Mobility Crowd Vote Winner’ – a title that will allow the recipient to receive the same highlight and traction among investors as the winner of the final event.

The voting will close on December 3rd, 6:30pm (CET).


What do you think? Which of the following startups has the best use-case?

We are looking for the best idea or solution among our pre-selected startups; regardless of valuation, the fundraising amount or other background data that our analyst team already collected.

About European Smart Mobility Awards

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The best Smart Mobility Startups in Europe


Online sales of new cars

CarFellows digitilizes the online sales of new cars. Users can order their new dream car in just a few clicks, and the whole purchase process is transparent, digital, and without hidden costs.

fastree 3d

3D imaging for autonomous vehicles

Fastree3D is a fabless semiconductor company designing image sensors for spatial awareness for industrial and automotive applications.


Access to the most relevant mobility services

iomob has built an open mobility marketplace allowing any company to offer seamless mobility to its customers.

konboi one

Autonomous Driving

Full-stack autonomous driving software for long haul trucking as a pure software play, with a SaaS pricing model (using only off-the-shelf hardware and without logistics/transportation components).

maas global

Eliminates the need of owning a personal vehicle

A global leader in the MaaS market, enabling users to combine public transport, taxis, ride-hailing, micro-mobility, and other modes of transport into one subscription, thereby eliminating the need of owning a personal vehicle.


AI driven effective fleet rebalancing

Ubiq’s AI-driven services make shared mobility profitable by automating operational tasks. By ensuring effective fleet rebalancing, charging, and policy compliance, Ubiq ensures vehicles are in the right place, at the right time, to meet demand.

Unique Sec

In-lab testing for autonomous driving

Reliable in-lab testing for autonomous driving, simulating countless environments and scenarios without the need for millions of kilometres of test-driving.

Unmanned Life

AI platform for fleet/swarm autonomy

Unmanned Life enables industries to be fully autonomous through its full-stack AI for the autonomy software platform that deploys and manages coordinated and interoperable swarms/fleets of unmanned vehicles and other robotics systems.