The European Super Angels Club (ESAC) was featured in the recent issue of KPMGs magazine “Dimensionen”, together with ESAC sponsors PHH Rechtsanwälte and Semper Constantia Privatbank AG. It was a pleasure to talk about our pan-European investment approach.

Europe has a lot of potential with young, talented entrepreneurs and founders. However, when it comes to funding of new ideas, Europe tremendously lacks behind the US. The aim of ESAC as a pan-European investor platform is to enable cross-border co-investments. The club combines different resources and promotes international collaboration and communication. Together with the partner PHH Rechtsanwälte all legal questions and difficulties are clarified. The private bank Semper Constantia, which is run by entrepreneurs, is also one of the partners and shows great interest, as we can see by the example of YodelTalk Ltd. (EUR 500,000).

In the frame of a roadshow, the members get to know high-quality startups from all over Europe. The startups get active scouting and concrete investment proposals with lead investors. The roadshow is the core activity of the ESAC in the once selected quarter five selected hubs such as Amsterdam, Zurich, Berlin and New York City. Everyone is looking forward to going even across the borders of Europe to Hong Kong in the third quarter.

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