from left: Berthold Baurek-Karlic and Michael Petritz (Board Members of the European Super Angels Club), Gert Weidinger (Partner at KPMG Austria), Bernhard Ramsauer (Co-Owner and Chairman of Semper Constantia Privatbank) and Harald Friedrich (Co-Owner and Member of the Board at Semper Constantia Privatbank).


Wednesday 21st March saw the launch of the European Super Angels Club’s third roadshow series in Vienna. Over the next month, the club’s selected startups will pitch to top investors in a further four European cities.

Around 70 top tier startup investors accepted the invitation of Semper Constantia Privatbank, PHH Rechtsanwälte, KPMG Austria and Venionaire Capital to kick off the third roadshow series of the European Super Angels Club (ESAC). The club supports the pan-European exchange of ideas, contacts, and knowledge among its members and presents pre-screened investment opportunities. This time around, the participating startups are looking for a total financing volume of €6 million.

The thematic focus of the event was cybersecurity, regulatory technology (RegTech) and HR-tech. After the successful start in Vienna, the next stops will be Munich, Madrid, Edinburgh and finally Zurich in which ESAC will be partnering with the Telefónica corporate accelerator Wayra, SAP next-gen, CaixaBank, J.P.Morgan and Tamedia respectively.


Next roadshow in preparation

The investor network was launched last year by partners of KPMG and Venionaire Capital. Since then, its members and associated partners have invested a total of four million euros. The main verticals of the first two roadshows were Artificial Intelligence and HR-Tech.  The successful start was due to the early support of Semper Constantia Privatbank and PHH Rechtsanwälte, who were also available to lend their expertise and extensive networks.

In parallel to the current roadshow series, the planning for the fourth round for Autumn 2018 is already underway with a focus on the ‘quantified self’ and e-health. We are already looking for suitable candidates.

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