Preventing fraud, guaranteeing rent

Homeppl is the leading company that helps property companies protect rental Income through advanced due diligence and fraud detection tests.

The company’s products and services include: 

  • Tenant checks
  • Rent guarantor
  • Rent insurance
  • Data insights


  • PropTech


  • United Kingdom

Founding Year

  • 2016

ESAC Invested

  • 2021

Web & Social Media

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Ensuring Secure Business Loans Homeppl Partners with Cubefunder

Ensuring Secure Business Loans: Homeppl Partners with Cubefunder

Homeppl's Fraud Finder helps verifying the authenticity of business bank statements for Cubefinder's business loans. The intelligent document analysis tool seamlessly integrated into Cubefunder's processing system. This collaboration embodies the spirit of innovation and partnership that we champion at the European Super Angels Club. 
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Fraud Risk Assessment: Homeppl partners up with Yardi 

At the European Super Angels Club, we're proud to announce a partnership that reflects our commitment to nurturing innovative startups. Homeppl, a resident screening platform, and a highly valued member of our portfolio, has recently joined forces with Yardi.