Digital signature solutions

sproof is reinventing digital signing and is creating tools for digitizing your business processes. sproof allows you to fast and easy integrate digital signatures in your existing processes and tools:

  • 5 Minutes to get your digital signature.
  • 100% legally-binding with qualified digital signatures.
  • 100% GDPR-compliant.
  • Sign yourself and collect signatures.
  • Working on documents together.
  • Automation with API and integrations.


  • SaaS, Legal


  • Austria

Founding Year

  • 2019

ESAC Invested

  • 2021

Web & social media

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sproof: Joining the Senate of Economy Austria

sproof: Joining the Senate of Economy Austria

sproof, a highly valued portfolio company of the European Super Angels Club, has been appointed to the Senate of Economy Austria. This underlines sproof's commitment to making a lasting and positive change to the economy and society.
Blog Article Featured Image: ESAC and Co-Investors invest €3 Million in sproof

European Super Angels Club and Co-Investors Invest €3 Million in Salzburg’s E-Signature Startup sproof

In a significant boost to Salzburg's thriving tech scene, the European Super Angels Club (ESAC) and co-investors have invested over €3 million in the promising e-signature startup, sproof. Led by Austrian President and Investor Berthold Baurek-Karlic, this investment certainly reaffirms the strength of European technology.