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€ 5 000 000

2012 with HQ in Vienna, AT
Sales Offices: UK & SG

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Mission Statement

Today more than 100 million companies trade worldwide. Due to the overall growth of international business relations, the rise of online market places, and the higher level of outsourcing, risks have increased and regulators have strengthened their controls.

kompany helps to mitigate such risk and to fulfil regulatory compliance requirements by providing real-time access to official and audit-proof company information directly from commercial & government registers. Clients use this information to verify and check their international business partners, suppliers and business customers via a webtool or automated via an API. By doing so, clients are enabled to efficiently comply with international regulations, such as anti-money laundering rules, and can reduce third party & fraud risks as well as collection costs.

Facts & Figures


Jurisdictions covered


Legal entities covered


Verifications per year


KYC records


lists of Politically Exposed Persons (PEP)


$ 24bn

RegTech is a $24bn Market with Business Verification as NEW segment with $12bn in 2022 alone.


  • Costs of compliance are increasing due to new regulatory requirements
  • High fines are imposed for non-compliance with AML, KYC and msanctions regulations
  • Costs of fines by far exceed costs of advanced compliance systems


  • RegTech enables companies to reduce costs and risk exposure
  • RegTech helps to provide audit-proof Business KYC compliance
  • Reliance on primary source, real-time company information is key


KYC workspace

Cloud-based Business KYC Solution for team collaboration and management, professional translations and much more.


Global register network REST API enabling integration of Business Verification & KYC into compliance, ERP/CRM and core banking systems.

Shareholder Discovery

AI-based Shareholder Discovery lets you find and discover shareholders cross-border incl. an Ultimate Beneficial Owner (UBO) logic.


Blockchain technology generating an audit-trail of a time-stamped, immutable KYC records for smart contracts and onboarding.

kompany is able to generate revenues from three different streams:

  1. SaaS/DaaS – Subscription-based models with full services for €30 000 – € 250 000+ per year.
  2. Pay-per-Click – Document retrieval, UBO Discovery.
  3. Value-Added-Services – Concierge, Translations, PEP/Sanctions, Screening, Remediation

More information about business model and traction is provided in the investor deck.


Russell E. Perry

Russell E. Perry

Founder & CEO

Russell is former CEO of 123people (55m mUV’s) and already successfully exited two companies. He has vast experience in product mgmnt and mobile industry (bwin).

Peter Bainbridge-Clayton

Peter Bainbridge-Clayton

Founder & CTO

More than 20 years experience as a technical architect for companies such as IBM, Lucent, Telefonica, Orange, Cell C and mobile applications.

Johanna Konrad

Johanna Konrad


Johanna had leading strategy/marketing roles in the mobile industry for Ericsson, Vodafone Group, Telekom Austria as well as 10 years experience in the startup environment.

Andrew Bunce

Andrew Bunce


Andrew has over 15 years experience in project management and UX design for large system interfaces of government & financial platforms.


kompany serves leading international and regional banking groups, the big four, banking platforms, LEI issuers, and domain name providers amongst others. kompany has a worldwide client base of approximately 4,000 active B2B customers.

More information about clients are provided in the investor deck.

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