Unmanned Life is the winner of the European Smart Mobility Award!

Unmanned Life (the UK) enables industries to be fully autonomous through its full-stack AI for an autonomy software platform that deploys and manages coordinated and interoperable swarms/fleets of unmanned ground vehicles, aerial vehicles, and other robotics systems through a single unified management interface, whether on-premises, over-the-cloud or on the edge. Just one month before winning the European Smart Mobility Awards, Kumardev Chatterjee from Unmanned Life mentioned:

We at Unmanned Life are very pleased to be winners of the ESAC – Invest and Connect Scotland round. It was a fantastic experience to participate along high-quality fellow startups from the UK and great to interact with such knowledgeable and experienced jury members.

‘Public Vote’ and ‘High-potential IPO’ winners

Apart from the main award, European Super Angels Club introduced 2 more awards for its eight finalists: the ‘High-potential IPO’ award from the Deutsche Börse Venture Network and ‘Smart Mobility Public Vote Winner’, a title that allows the recipient to receive the same highlight and traction among investors as the winner of the final event.

Ubiq becomes a Public Vote Winner

Ubiq‘s (Austria) AI-driven services make shared mobility profitable by automating operational tasks. By ensuring effective fleet rebalancing, charging, and policy compliance, Ubiq ensures vehicles are in the right place, at the right time, to meet demand.

CarFellows wins a High-potential IPO award

CarFellows (Germany) digitilizes the online sales of new cars by offering a lean, customer-centric, and digital e2e experience. Users can order their new dream car in just a few clicks, and the whole purchase process is transparent, digital, and without hidden costs.

Eight finalists from eight countries

The Smart Mobility Final was the seventh batch of the European Super Angels Club awards series. The previous focus topics have been SportsTech, Cybersecurity, Digital Health, and AI. Berthold Baurek-Karlic, President of the Club, invites members, partners, and friends to (co)-invest in these top selected startups:

Most of the startups selected for the European Super Angels Club are about to become “scale-ups”. They usually have revenues (around EUR 1m) or other KPIs showing significant traction already. We do not pick ideas. In some cases – particularly in deep tech –, we are also looking at companies with solid prototypes ready-for-scale production. We offer our investors a selection of hand-picked companies, which definitely have an increased competitive edge.

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Prominent Smart Mobility Finalists

Apart from the winners of Smart Mobility Awards 2020, the other prominent finalists were: konboi one, the finalist from France, which develops the full-stack autonomous driving software for long haul trucking as a pure software play, with a SaaS pricing model. The finalist from Spain, iomob has built an open mobility marketplace allowing any company to offer seamless mobility to its customers. Sweden’s representative in the final was Uniquesec. The company is reliable in-lab testing for autonomous driving, simulating countless environments and scenarios without the need for millions of kilometers of test-driving. Maas Global from Finland presented its plan to eliminate the need of owning a personal vehicle. Last but not least, the finalist from Switzerland, fastree 3D develops its 3D imaging for autonomous vehicles.

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European experts in Jury Board

The decision for Unmanned Life was made by our European jury board of experts: Françoise Birnholz, the business angel with global corporate experience; Karsten Schulze, autonomous driving expert; Geza Brugger, Smart Mobility entrepreneurial investor; Oliver Mahr, Deutsche Börse Venture expert, and mentor; Tom Horsey, Spain specialist entrepreneur, and investor; and Berthold Baurek-Karlic as the president of the European Super Angels Club.

It’s been a great ride over the last 2 years partnering with the European Super Angels Club! We enjoyed being the co-host of this fabulous event series with the great final in Berlin last night, especially this year with so many challenges. Congratulations to all participating startups and especially the winners: Ubiq.ai, Unmanned Life and Carfellows.

– Geza Brugger, Smart Mobility entrepreneurial investor and co-founder of e&Co.

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Europe’s startups are definitely stronger than ever

New business models inspired by the sharing economy and disruptive technologies are bringing us into an exciting new age in transportation – Smart Mobility.

The president of the Europan Super Angels Club, Berthold Baurek-Karlic, mentions:

Despite the hard year, Europe’s startups are definitely stronger than ever, and this also applies to the field of Smart Mobility. The sector itself is extremely interesting for investors: autonomous drones, robots and vehicles… Sustainability and change of habits – such as a lower interest for car ownership or the will to buy cars (delivered to the doorstep) fully online, are just a few trends we have seen.

I am optimistic that the companies invited to the Finals will convince investors and will have a bright future ahead.

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