European Smart Mobility Awards 2020

As the first online ‘Invest and Connect’ event from France kicked off the 2020 series on 4th June, the virtual space were full of excitement to see which one of the 5 pre-selected French startups in the field of smart mobility would be in the end selected by the jury as the national champion.

More than 400 startups were pre-screened locally in preparation for the event and  KONBOI ONE deserved a big congratulation for winning the French national qualifier!


The jury members were all on the same page that even though the other 4 startups also presented strong business cases, KONBOI ONE´s ambitious project stood out with its potential impact on the market in the future.

KONBOI One is a full autonomous driving software stack for long-haul trucks. Founded by industry veterans with a proven track record of building successful products in the market. Major technology and industrial partnerships are in place, and discussions are in progress with several additional large scale prospects. The team is raising €5 million.

We have been delighted to participate, and have already had several positive conversations during the event. It’s a great honour to be selected as the top startup among more than 400 in a very competitive environment, and are looking forward to the next steps now! Organising a virtual event is a very different and also a much bigger challenge than I would ever have imagined before taking part in ESAC’s event. Combine that with the specific difficulties and challenges of confinement during a pandemic and it’s easy to understand that ESAC has done an amazing job to run this first virtual event so smoothly” – said Pejvan Beigui, CEO of Konboi One, after the event.


  • FLUCTUO is specialised in the collection, processing and analysis of data from shared mobility services (bikes, scooters, mopeds and cars), delivering it to public stakeholders and private companies in order to make data-driven decisions on mobility services & infrastructures. Fluctuo aggregates the data of over 110+ operators in 400 cities and makes this data available to app publishers (MAAS, travel, tourism), transport operators (rail, bus), urbanism agencies, insurance companies & cities. They are raising €1 million.
  • FIND & ORDER is SaaS solution to optimise picking operations in retail and logistics. A B2B, indoor GPS solution. USPs include no required training period for employees and no infrastructure required on-site like WiFi or beacons, since it works on smartphone sensors to deliver its service. Find & Order is recommended by Microsoft and Zebra. The team is raising €600,000.
  • THE GOOD SEAT is a global real-time aggregator/comparator of ride-hailing und taxi services. The Good Seat allows third parties (multimodal platforms, MaaS platforms, travel aggregators, airlines, concierge services and others) to offer a wide range of ride-hailing and taxi services to their end-users via a single API.
    The company is raising €500,000.
  • The TREEP makes business travels easier and more sustainable by enabling business travel agencies to perfectly serve their B2B customers with their online booking service. Using their Mobility Planner, the end-user compares and combines all the trains, flights, cars, hotels, taxis, and metros, ultimately booking a low-carbon trip at the best price, paid by the company. The team is raising €1.5 million.

France – 04-06.2020 – Virtual Event Full Video

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