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GotCourts is Winner of the Swiss SportsTech Award.

Stage: Series A
Funding to date: €2.9m
Incorporated: 2013
Raising: €2-3m

GotCourts is the of racket sports. The company is market leader in Switzerland and rapidly expanding in Europe with a worldwide ambition. GoCourts makes it fun and easy for players to play more sports and enable clubs and coaches to stay successful in a mobile online world.

The business model is based on sponsoring and advertising fees, marketplace transactions fees, and subscription fees for premium software features. The company increased revenue from sponsoring by 7x to CHF 70k in 2019. Recently, they entered a technology supplier agreement with Swiss Tennis worth CHF 2.3m/5y and also partnered with the Württembergischer Tennis Bund. Customers love the product with a B2B NPS at +42 and an app store score at 4.6 stars. They are currently the home of 360 clubs and 170,000 users.

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Stage: Growth
Funding to date: EUR 770k
Incorporated: 2018
Raising: €1m

Coaches and athletes want to gain a competitive edge by leveraging performance data that are:

  • Reliable and actionable
  • Seamless
  • Respecting data privacy

ASI is specialized in the collection and enrichment of performance data addressing the growing number of specialized sports software platforms as well as broadcasting services. Platforms needs wearable to:

  • Enrich their solution with data
  • Offer a better user experience
  • Monetize their customer base

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Stage: Series Pre-A
Funding to date: €1.5m
Incorporated: 2015
Raising: €1.5m

Bodygee offers 3D body analytics for health and fitness. Today, measurement devices are not emotional and don’t visualize the progress of the fitness goals. Bodygee’s solution is a next generation body analytics and progress tracking (visual – emotional – motivating).

They offer two hardware systems for fitness center and wellness ressorts: An iPad/Turnable solution as well as a fully-automated scanning booth which are linked to a cloud software and app (subscription model) for users, coaches and owners.
Turnover 2019: €400k.

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Stage: Pre-Growth
Funding to date: €1.2m
Incorporated: 2017
Raising: €3m

Holodia developed the VR fitness platform HOLOFIT.

HOLOFIT offers multisport cardio training in all major global fitness markets, 100+ different content tracks, 4 training modes. Multisport, immersive and gamified workouts allow individual or multiplayer workout and competition.

AI-based virtual coaching supports the user during workout, HOLOFIT App, and Customer dashboard tracks data analytics.

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Stage: Series A
Funding to date: €336k
Incorporated: 2016
Raising: €1m

Kinastic’s new app flinq leverages machine learning algorithms to guide, support and manage the personal sports journey of every individual athlete.

It is always considering a 360° view of the user’s life and is, therefore, ready to help anytime and everywhere by providing personalized workout experiences. Unlike a human coach, it is always available, constantly adapting and anticipating your needs.

As flinq gets to know its users better every day, it will find common characteristics between them. As a result, athletes benefit from improved workout suggestions and the opportunity to participate in challenges with people on the same fitness level.

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Stage: Grow
Funding to date: €0
Incorporated: 2016
Raising: €1m

Vigital Solutions transforms the process of working with live data in sports and media environments by automating the content production through a developed software called Smart Content System (SCS). With the Help of the SCS, clubs, leagues, associations and broadcaster produce their unique content and distribute it without the need of complex tools or professional graphic artist. Consequently customers are able to visualize relevant live events in their stadiums, social media channels, apps or for OoH Screens.

Note: Vigital Solutions is a participant of the Germany SportsTech Award but couldn’t present in Munich due to health reasons. We decided to let them pitch in Zurich instead.

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