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O’zapft is! Not (only) beer but fresh ideas were provided at our pitching event at Wayra Germany.

On this page you’ll find a quick overview of all five participating startups and the option to download the pitch decks by filling out the form below.

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Fatmap is our winner in Germany and Sponsoo qualified for the finals through a wildcard

Stage: Series A
Funding to date: €10m
Incorporated: 2013
Raising: €6m

FATMAP is an outdoor adventure platform that brings together consumers with businesses, destinations and brands. The platform encompasses the entire adventure lifecycle, from discovering and planning new adventures, through experiencing, to sharing them. Users can find routes and locations, book accommodation, hire instructors and purchase equipment – all within the platform.

In the core of FATMAP is a proprietary 3D global mapping technology that brings the outdoors to life on any device with unprecedented precision – and a seamless, high quality experience to discover, plan, navigate and share. The FATMAP community enables outdoor brands, destinations, guides and local businesses to reach and stay in touch with their most important customers when they need their products the most.

The platform has seen over 3 million users in the last 1 months and has experienced over 300% quarterly growth in monthly active users. The revenue comes from multiple streams, including a premium membership and a marketplace.

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Stage: Series A
Funding to date: €1m
Incorporated: 2014
Raising: €1-2m

Sponsoo is Europe‘s leading digital marketplace for sport sponsorship. Sponsoo is making sponsorships targeted, easy to manage, and measurable. This enables brands to:

  • identify sponsorships with higher marketing ROI,
  • reduce the time to research, negotiate and book sponsorships by up to 95%, and
  • easily keep track of sponsorship results

Sponsoo targets mainly amateurs and semi-professional athletes and clubs, but counts E-sports teams and Bundesliga clubs as some of its customers as well. Compared to traditional methods, the platform offers a more targeted sponsorship approach – based on marketing objectives, budget, region, engagement, career success and image.

More than 8000 athletes and 1000 brands use Sponsoo so far, which retains a commission on every sponsorship brokered.

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Stage: Seed
Funding to date: €1,7m
Incorporated: 2017
Raising: up to €1,5m

Unlike many other industries that went through a process of digitization and disruption, the football industry still depends on personal contacts and network. This leads to a market inefficiency when it comes to finding new players with the right skills or when a player is searching for a new club. Playerhunter aims to solve this problem, providing a highly scalable digital smart-matching platform for the 300m football players worldwide.

The app works like LinkedIn for football players, smart-matching players with relevant clubs and vice versa. Thus, resource efficiency is increased, as well as the equality of opportunity.

PlayerHunter has over 200.000 registered users, and monetizes its services by advertisements as well as offering payed premium profiles.

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Stage: Seed
Funding to date: €450k
Raising: €200k

Skill Yoga is the first Yoga training system for a growing male audience looking for ways to practice Yoga.

A digital coaching algorithm provides the perfect training plan based on the athlete‘s experience level, training background, goal and gets smarter with every session. The users can sign up to their personalized training plan for free on mobile app or web to start training guided by videos.

Skill Yoga is used internationally by over 10.000 registered users and works on a freemium model, which allows users to purchase a subscription in order to get full access.

Traction: 10k registered users.

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Stage: Grow
Funding to date: €0
Incorporated: 2016
Raising: €1m

Vigital Solutions transforms the process of working with live data in sports and media environments by automating the content production through a developed software called Smart Content System (SCS). With the Help of the SCS, clubs, leagues, associations and broadcaster produce their unique content and distribute it without the need of complex tools or professional graphic artist. Consequently customers are able to visualize relevant live events in their stadiums, social media channels, apps or for OoH Screens.

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