Invest and Connect France:

Long live SportsTech! For the first time we organised our “Invest and Connect” in France. A big thank you to our local partners of FaberNovel, BBA Adivsory, Angelsquare, SAYJ Global Partners, and Deimos Capital for their support and participation.

We offer our investor community a quick overview of all five participating startups and the option to download the pitch decks by filling out the form below.


Runnin’City is our European SportsTech Champion and Winner of the France SportsTech Award

Stage: Acceleration
Funding to date: €1,300,000
Incorporated: 2016
Raising: €2,000,000

Runnin’City is a smartphone app with which runners (and walkers) can discover more than 200 cities around the world. It guides you through the city and comments on the points of interest as you run past them. They are also now integrating big data to improve customer experience with regard to health and well-being. The most impressive feature being the integration of street-by-street, real-time air quality data to help users run in the least polluted areas.

The app is free for users and provide specific tours & annual running experiences for cities, hotels, transport companies, race organisers, financial companies… Runnin’City recently signed over 600K€ of contracts with some world-class references such as Air France, Accor, ASICS Europe, Decathlon, and the Cities of Paris, Lyon, Antwerpen, Keolis.

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Stage: Series Pre-A
Funding to date: €1,800,000
Incorporated: London, UK

Globatalent is the first sports stock exchange. Athletes and clubs can launch a campaign while users can buy tokens for each campaign. Users receive certain benefits such as a certain percentage of future prize money or personal training with the athlete. Globaltalent has already 10,000 registered users, raising funds of €1,8m and generating revenue of ~€140k.

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Stage: Series A
Funding to date: €3,500,000
Incorporated: UK (BVI Holding)
Raising: €5,000,000

Golfscape is the only worldwide golf reservations platform and operations technology infrastructure. Today, they lead the market in 30+ destinations across 12 countries and growing. Their industry-leading technology drives four complementing services powering the marketplace, course-embedded bookings infrastructure, FX payments, and golf operations system. For their courses, they can rely on more reviews (with higher authenticity) than TripAdvisor.

Stage: Series A
Funding to date: €1,500,00
Incorporated: France
Raising: €3,000,000-5,000,000

Krank Club is a mobile app that connects people to help them play sport together. Krank Club is simpler than WhatsApp to organize sport events with your friends and more efficient than MeetUp to join sport events around you. With Krank Club, you can decide right now to play Football this evening.

The company has already 200k users, 20k monthly active users, 25k hours of sports played every month, and 4,7/5 star s review on both app & play stores (4k votes).

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Stage: Series A
Funding to date: €950,000
Incorporated: 2014
Raising: €4,000,000

Footbar developed a sensor placed on a football player’s leg. The wearable named “Meteor” collects and process all data points during a game: How fast is a player running? Who makes the most passes? Who is the best in defence?

Footbar creates a profile for each player, who is able to compete in the leaderboard against others in their 40,000+ players strong community. Today, 1,500 players are wearing a Meteor every week. With a turnover of €180k in 2019, the company is now ready to scale up the production of trackers and enter new markets.

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