European SportsTech Awards

The European Super Angels Club’s main objective is to build bridges and support the most outstanding European entrepreneurs. Read more about the concept and selection process of our SportsTech Awards here.

European SportsTech Champion 2019

Winner of the European SportsTech Awards 2019 is Runnin’City from France!

Co-founder Olivier Lebleu (on the picture in the middle) convinced jury and audience with his app, which combines sightseeing with sports and is creating new running experiences for its users.

Further Finalists

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GotCourts (Switzerland Finalist) is the booking.com of racket sports.

FATMAP (Germany Finalist) is a 3D outdoor adventure platform.

PlayerData (UK Finalist) is a sports data service for athletes.

Sponsoo (Wildcard Germany) is Europe‘s leading digital marketplace for sponsorship.

IPEAK (Austria Finalist) offers personalised workouts for its users.

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United Kingdom – Final Selection

PlayerData (UK Finalist) is a sports data service for amateur and professional athletes.

Find a Player connects sportspeople, clubs and games in local areas.

GoSweat gives employees access to thousand of fitness and wellbeing experiences.

Huli is a route planner designed for runners, cyclists and hikers.

Refsix is an app for referees tracking data and statistics.

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France – Final Selection

Runnin’City (France Finalist) is a smartphone app with which runners (and walkers) can discover more than 200 cities around the world.

Footbar offers a wearable for football players and provide them metrics about their performance.

Globaltalent is the first sports stock exchange enabeling fans to invest in their favourite club or athlete.

golfscape is the worldwide leading golf reservations platform.

Krank Club is a mobile app that connects people to help them play sport together.

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Germany – Final Selection

FATMAP (Germany Finalist) is an outdoor adventure platform that brings together consumers with businesses, destinations and brands.

Sponsoo is Europe‘s leading digital marketplace for sport sponsorship.

Playerhunter provides a highly scalable digital smart-matching platform for the 300m football players worldwide.

Skill Yoga is the first Yoga training system for a growing male audience looking for ways to practice Yoga.

Vigital Solutions automates the content production with live data in sports and media through a software called Smart Content System (SCS).

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Switzerland – Final Selection

GotCourts (Swiss Finalist) is the booking.com of racket sports.

Holodia brings Virtual Reality to your fitness workout.

ASI provides you with insights into your performance through their wearable.

Bodygee visualizes and tracks your body transformation in 3D.

Kinastic leverages machine learning algorithms to guide, support and manage the personal sports journey.

Austria (Selected Finalist)

Stage: Pre-Seed
Funding to date: €400,000
Incorporated: 2017
Raising: €500,000

IPEAK is eager to become the Instagram for fitness. The founders know from own experience the pain of customer aquisition in the industry. Their driving motivation is to help private trainers, gym personal, and sport therapists to scale their business while making individualised workouts available for everyone.

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