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For the third time the European Super Angels Club organised its “Invest and Connect” pitching event in Scotland. “Slàinte mhath” to Shepherd and Wedderburn for hosting us again and all five pitching SportsTech companies.

We offer our investor community a quick overview of all five participating startups and the option to download the pitch decks by filling out the form below.


playerdata is our UK winner

Stage: Seed
Funding to date: £370,000
Incorporated: 2017
Raising: £500,000

PlayerData is a sports data service, providing services aimed both at amateur and professional level athletes. They have developed a process of seamlessly integrating sensors into sports garments, which create a real-time 3D image of the body and its position. This technology has implications in sports such as archery and cycling, as well as in health care, helping to solve posture problems. PlayerData are changing the way athletes utilise their data, making it accessible to all with the latest in wearable technology. The company has completed a pre-seed investment led by notable high net-worths and raised £150,000 (Jan 19) in a follow-up round to launch the product in beachhead markets.

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Find a Player connects grassroots sportspeople, clubs and games in local areas.

Stage: Series A
Funding to date: £450,000
Incorporated: 2013
Raising: £1,000,000

Find a Player offers an app for sport enthusiasts. In addition to connecting people they also simplify and automate all the elements of a game organisation, typically reducing admin time by 95% (to under 5 mins per week).

To date they have been heavily focused on building a product which can deliver and sustain long term growth and, with all the core functionality now in place,  they require the resources to reach product/market fit and deliver scale.

The company is winner of Puma’s Innovation in Football 2018, Best App 2018 – Yahoo Sports Tech Startups, Best UK Sports Startup 2017 – KPMG SportTech World Series, and Best App 2017 – Sports Technology Awards.

In addition, the company was chosen by Startup Bootcamp 2019 (top 3 of 1500), UK Active 2018 (top 3) and SpinLab 2018 – Runner-up.

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GoSweat gives employees access to thousand of fitness and wellbeing experiences, at the best sport providers across the UK.

Stage: Seed
Funding to date: £350,000
Incorporated: 2016
Raising: £750,000

GoSweat covers everything from spa passes to ice climbing, wakeboarding to spinning … The company has the most diverse offering in the market. The employer charges the employee’s account with fund they can use on wellbeing initiatives across the UK. GoSweat has been growing 50% MOM for the last 3 months, securing £36k new contract value in September alone. Their existing investors include those behind Treatwell, Passion Capital, Songkick, Adzuna, Thomsons Online and Connection Capital.

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Huli is a route planner designed for runners, cyclists and hikers that are big on ambition, but small on inspiration.

Stage: Pre-Revenue
Funding to date: £107,000
Incorporated: March, 2018
Raising: £450,000

Huli generate routes based on what you want; removing the current reliance on guidebooks, local knowledge and trial and error plotting on maps. Their aim is to always inspire and keep adventure at the heart of every activity, with a focus on simple integration into your everyday life. Huli is a SaaS company, primarily targeting the B2C market but with B2B opportunities in the pipeline. The global e-fitness market is valued at $16.8bn ($2.9bn EU) with an estimated 822M app users worldwide (125.6M EU). Their B2C business model is a freemium service with their B2B service being planned to be a SaaS model that allows use of the routing algorithm and analysis of user data for sectors such as tourism, government and insurance.

References are the European Space Agency, UK Space Agency, Innovate UK, aws activate, copernicus accelerator and masters, University of Strathclyde.

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Stage: Revenue Generating
Funding to date: £270,000
Incorporated: 2016
Raising: £600k-1m

Refsix has created a highly demanded app for referees. Today, referees are still using pen and paper to record data such as penalties, overtime, goals, substitutions, and so on.  The app makes it more convinient to store and process these data through smart watches and phones.

Refsix follows a freemium model: All features involving data input are for free, enabling the company to access a rich data set for in-depth sport analysis. Referees can also subscribe to a PRO version, offering detailed performance anlysis such as running distance, heatmap, or timer functions for £5 per month or £50 per year.

Traction: In the first three quarters of 2019 they have had 67,000 matches refereed using REFSIX and have generated over £35k in subscriptions with 9% MOM revenue growth and forecast to become profitable in Q3 2020 with no further investment.

References are sky sports, catapult, stats perform, StatSporst, Pitcher, Polar and opta.

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