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Boosting Security CyberTrap's and CyberDanube announce strategic partnership

Boosting Security: CyberTrap and CyberDanube announce Strategic Partnership

In the ever-changing world of online threats, two Austrian companies, CyberTrap and CyberDanube, are teaming up in a game-changing partnership. The European Super Angels Club applauds this exciting collaboration, which signals a fresh approach to cybersecurity.
Featured Image: Cybertrap The Newest Member of ESAC's Exclusive Portfolio

Announcing CYBERTRAP as the Newest Member of ESAC’s Exclusive Portfolio

The European Super Angels Club (ESAC) is thrilled to welcome CYBERTRAP into its elite portfolio of cutting-edge technology companies. With an investment exceeding half a million euros, ESAC has taken a significant step to empower and support this exceptional cybersecurity firm.