Verification of attendees of “Invest and Connect”

The European Super Angels Club is a pan-European co-investment and networking club for super angels, high-net-worth individuals, family offices, venture capital firms and corporates. Members combine their financial strength and know-how to invest in high-growth European startups raising rounds of €1-10m.

Our mission:
  • INVESTING through a pan-European network.
  • SCALING European startups with connections to corporate innovation units.
  • CONNECTING investors to opportunities among our members and corporate partners.

At our events you will be able to meet leading investors from Europe and founders ready to conquer the world.

The European Super Angels Club is obligated to verify event attendees. Please help us in doing so, by providing us basic information about your background.

Please note: Only verified persons are accepted as participants at the events.

Join our Club and participate in the success of these companies:

Homeppl Completes Seven-Figure Funding Round

Successful £1 million funding led by European Super Angels Club (Austria) and ParticleX (Hong Kong) marks Homeppl's second seven-figure raise in the last 12 months and brings its post-money valuation to £10 million.

Blockpit raises $10 million to accelerate its growth and international expansion

Blockpit – the European Super Angels Club syndication fund deal – raises $10 million and further increases its value by nearly 10x.

Seven-figure investment for ELOOP

The Vienna-based car-sharing startup ELOOP receives a million-dollar investment from C&P Immobilien AG and “EXF Alpha” of the European Super Angels Club.