Our pan-European investor-only “Invest & Connect” event series start on October 10th in Edinburgh and culminate with the finals on November 25th in Vienna.

This is our 6th roadshow series to date, and we are excited to announce that, in addition to our staples such as Munich, Zurich, Edinburgh and Vienna, for the first time we will be hosting an event in Paris as well!

Four months ago, Smartlane won our awards as best A.I. startup 2019, in what turned out to be an exhilerating and nailbiting finale. Please read the full story here. “With five countries, several hundred screened A.I. startups and pitching events in Edinburgh, Munich, Zurich and Vienna, the European Artificial Intelligence Awards 2019 have exceeded our expectations. We are now looking forward to dive into the fast growing market of SportsTech”, says Berthold Baurek-Karlic, President of the European Super Angels Club.

Watch the trailer: