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Celebrating Excellence in FinTech: Blockpit and Monkee Shine at the EY Scale Up Awards

The Austrian startup ecosystem recently celebrated a night of innovation and achievement at the EY Scale Up Awards, held at the picturesque Gartenpalais Liechtenstein. Moreover, it provided a platform for scale-ups and early-stage startups to showcase their groundbreaking businesses. Among the night's standout moments were the awards presented to Monkee and Blockpit.

Monkee: Saving rethought with over 500 FutureBoost Partners

Monkee, a pioneering FinTech company, is transforming the way people save money with over 500 FutureBoost Partners. In the last two weeks, they announced Lufthansa, Tink, Sixt and Zooplus as new partnerships. 
Unmanned Life x IoT Squared

Celebrating Innovation: Unmanned Life and IoT Squared’s Groundbreaking Partnership 

Unmanned Life and iot squared have signed a landmark Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) at the IoT Solutions World Congress in Barcelona. Furthermore, this strategic alignment underscores a shared vision of pioneering advancements in autonomous robot orchestration and IoT solutions.
BiomeDX secrets gut health

BiomeDX’s Phenomenal Success: A Triumph in Gut Health Revolution

Discover the groundbreaking impact of BiomeDX's "MyBioma" in reshaping health perceptions through personalized gut microbiome analysis.
Blockpit x LCX Unlocking Efficiency in Crypto Tax Reporting

Blockpit x LCX: Unlocking Efficiency in Crypto Tax Reporting 

Blockpit's latest strategic move involves a partnership with LCX, the Liechtenstein Cryptoassets Exchange. This is unquestionably marking a significant milestone in the fusion of traditional finance and the dynamic blockchain landscape. 
European Super Angels Club Congratulates Monkee on New Investment

Monkee: European Super Angels Club Congratulates on New Investment

In an exciting announcement today, the Austrian FinTech startup, Monkee, specializing in sustainable savings, revealed a new partnership with Germany's Vereinigte Volksbank Raiffeisenbank. Additionally, Monkee secured new investments in the seven-digit euro range.
Celebrating Unmanned Life's Success in the Sifted 100 UK & Ireland Leaderboard

Celebrating Unmanned Life’s Success in the Sifted 100: UK & Ireland Leaderboard 

The “Sifted 100: UK & Ireland 2024 Leaderboard” provides a captivating snapshot of the entrepreneurial landscape in one of Europe's most dynamic regions. Unmanned Life, an innovative startup in the European Super Angels Club’s  esteemed portfolio, proudly secures the 83rd position. 
Startup Report 202324 European Super Angels Club Celebrates Portfolio Triumphs

Startup Report 2023/24: European Super Angels Club Celebrates Portfolio Triumphs

As the curtains rise on the Startup Report 2023/24 by Florian Kandler, the European Super Angels Club stands proud, as four of our esteemed portfolio startups—Monkee, sproof, Ahoi Kapptn! and Blockpit—take center stage in this compelling narrative of entrepreneurial excellence.
Ensuring Secure Business Loans Homeppl Partners with Cubefunder

Ensuring Secure Business Loans: Homeppl Partners with Cubefunder

Homeppl's Fraud Finder helps verifying the authenticity of business bank statements for Cubefinder's business loans. The intelligent document analysis tool seamlessly integrated into Cubefunder's processing system. This collaboration embodies the spirit of innovation and partnership that we champion at the European Super Angels Club. 

Trend. Startup Ranking: Four Portfolio Companies in the Top 100

For the European Super Angels Club (ESAC), the recent Trend. magazine's Startup Ranking has been a cause for celebration, with four of its portfolio companies making significant strides. We congratulate sproof, ELOOP, Blockpit, and Biome Diagnostics who made it among the Top 100 list.
Unmanned Life AWS Liberty Global Autonomous Drone Orchestration with 5G and Edge Computing

Unmanned Life’s Autonomous Drone Orchestration with 5G and Edge Computing

In a collaboration at the Port of Antwerp, Unmanned Life, in partnership with Liberty Global and Amazon Web Services (AWS), has been shortlisted for the GLOMO Award in the GSMA Innovation Award category. They pioneered a cutting-edge drone-based surveillance system which is powered by 5G connectivity, cloud and edge computing, and artificial intelligence (AI).
ELOOP Launches ELOOP Network

Revolutionizing Shared Mobility: ELOOP Launches ELOOP Network

ELOOP, one of European Super Angel Club’s esteemed portfolio companies, announces the launch of the ELOOP Network. This cutting-edge platform empowers companies to tokenize their machine RWAs (real world assets) and offer them in fractions.