UPDATE! Covid-19: New Dates for UK and Spain. Virtual Events as Alternative

Due to the recent developments in the global Coronavirus outbreak we have decided - together with our partners in the respective countries -, to RESCHEDULE the first two events of our exclusive startup awards series to Autumn. 

It's Time For Europe To Accelerate In Smart Mobility

According to a 2018 Revision of the World Urbanization Prospects by UN´s Department of Economic and Social Affairs, 55% of the world population resides in urban areas today – a number which is expected to rise to 68% by 2050.

‘Invest and Connect‘ is gearing up with Smart Mobility

The ‚Invest and Connect‘ event series is returning in 2020 and kicks off in Edinburgh end of April. The 7th edition of the exclusive startup award series will take place in eight European innovation hubs and a satellite event in New York City and will last throughout the whole year.
Jakob Gsöllpointner

Runnin'City wins the European SportsTech Award

Europe's best SportsTech startup is Runnin'City. The company prevailed against five other finalists and won the European SportsTech Award.

SportsTech Awards 2019: A Champions League for Startups

Overview of all candidates and finalists of the European SportsTech Awards.

SportsTech Awards – Autumn 2019

Have a look at our teaser-trailer and get insights what expects you more besides the best SportsTech startups in Europe.
Karol Nuhn

ESAC increases stake in kompany

The syndication fund of the European Super Angels Club increased its stake in kompany after the first investment in 2018.
Blockpit CEO Florian WimmerBlockpit

Blockpit raises €2.5 million

RegTech combines STO and direct investment through our fund "EXF Alpha".
Walter Oberbramberger

Europe's best A.I. Startup

The German company Smartlane is Champion of the European A.I. Awards.

AI Awards Germany

The European Super Angels Club selected Smartlane as AI finalist for Germany.

AI in the Land Beyond (Hadrian's) Wall

We hosted for the second time an event in Scotland.

Evaluating a startup ecosystem

There are a myriad of different factors to consider which may give you great advantages especially in the early stage of your startup. We took a closer look at a data-driven approach by Nimbelfins “best European country for startups”.