A.I. will get hot this summer

Google CEO Sundar Pichai recently said: “AI is more important than fire and electricity”. At European Super Angels Club we share the same vision since 2017. In recent years the club has been heavily investing in productivity AI solutions,…

The Best AI Events to attend in 2019

Get an overview of the most important events on Artificial Intelligence in Europe.
ESAC helped Yodel to scale

Only Mad Men have Receptionists – The Future is Yodel.io

Why we believe in the business case of our portfolio company Yodeltalk.
Butleroy Team

Substantial Investment for Butleroy

Within a few weeks, the European Super Angels Club secured a mid-six-figure investment for Butleroy.

Digital Butler wins European Super Angels Club Wildcard

We awarded a Wildcard to Butleroy for our next investor's roadshow in Munich at the Bits & Pretzels festival.

European Super Angels Club invests 500k in Yodel.io

With Yodel.io, an artificial intelligent-infused business telephony solution, the European Super Angels Club (ESAC) made its first investment. The European investor network organizes roadshows throughout international hubs with five selected…