Six new Deals for second Roadshow

In October, the second roadshow of the European Super Angels Club took off with the first stop in Zurich. Together with our local Swiss partner EURUS Forum, we invited representatives of Corporates, Family Offices, VCs and Business Angels to check out our carefully selected startups with well-prepared investment documents.

Startups from Germany, Hungary, Austria and Switzerland

Six startups from four countries participate in our second roadshow. This time we have a strong focus on fintechs, but also have one startup from the fashion industry and another in the area of digital assistants participating. The startup are an German investing platform, a Swiss Fintech for virtual ATMs, a deal flow plaform for the venture industry, a mobile application that connects its users’ bank accounts with their phone numbers, allowing them to send money to anyone,  a fashiontech manufacturing e-ink powered fashion bracelets, and an artificial intelligence butler.

These companies are looking for a total capital requirement of around EUR 18 million with our members willing to fulfill their claim to be Super Angels and invest significantly more than before. Our first roadshow secured 3,5m for three startups, please read more about it here.


If you are an investor and want to find out more about these companies, please join one of our roadshow events.