Wayra is our host for our roadshow in Munich

Wayra will be our host and partner for our coming roadshow in Munich on 5th April.

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This is its Corporate profile:

They ignite innovative business through their international network, operational expertise, manpower, financing & meaningful connections with the entrepreneurial ecosystem. Wayra is a global team of tech lovers and start-up enthusiasts seeking new opportunities for entrepreneurs. They are a trusted partner for innovation in the corporate climate, and they strive to be thought leaders in the ever-evolving start-up ecosystem. Their insatiable curiosity fuels their ingenuity, and they empower their teams as individuals and collaborators to reach new heights and redefine excellence in the start-up market.

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The program

wayra is our host for our roadshow in munich

Wayra’s program spans three months. Within that time frame, their goal is to launch their joint project and ultimately win Telefónica as the startups’ first big client. The pilot project with Telefónica pays €25,000 – additionally, Wayra has the possibility to fund successful start-ups with a follow-up investment. The goal of this investment is to build a long-term relationship with the start-ups and to strengthen the bond between them and Wayra. Since Wayra was founded in 2012, it has invested in more than 30 start-ups, among them eBot7FoodoraNeokamiConntac. Moreover, the following start-ups are part of their current program.

The ecosystem in Munich

Munich has the breeding ground for innovation that offers the highest digital transformation capabilities in Germany. They have the highest start-up density in Germany and some world-class universities are ranking under the top 100 worldwide. Munich is the hometown of many key industries around the 4.0 clusters, like Siemens, Allianz, BMW, and Google which are signalizing a big interest to invest in the future & innovation.

Wayra catches this innovative ecosystem in their holy halls by offering meaningful events, inviting valuable people and bringing them together to make the most out of their connections. Also, their new cooperation with us, the European Super Angels Club.

Our partnership

With hosting our roadshow in Munich, their start-ups are getting a great chance to make important contacts, and additionally, our club offers them mentor hours. By sharing our long-standing experience in the fields of investments, we help Wayra’s start-ups to improve and finally scale their business. Of course, also our event attendees benefit from this added-value-relationship by making meaningful contacts with promising start-ups as well as with the Munich ecosystem.

Roadshow in Munich

Wayra is proud to host the event on the 5th April. The event is open only to investors and corporate innovation managers; who benefit by making meaningful contact with the European Super Angels Club´s promising start-ups. Each ESAC startup has been pre-screened by Venionaire Capital and Partners from KPMG Austria and is looking for both investment and business development opportunities.

We are looking forward to welcoming you!

If you are an investor or a Corporate manager, and you want to attend our roadshow in Munich, register here.

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