We have a finalist from Switzerland

Last week, we selected the last startup for our European e-Health Startup Awards Finals in Vienna. The selection was in ESAC´s event at the KPMG facilities in Zürich. Switzerland is well known for big Pharma companies, elite universities and is a true magnet for international talent. All five startups pitching to represent Switzerland rocked the stage and showed amazing technologies.

Martin Rohrbach, KPMG Partner for Health & Life Science in Zürich, opened the evening with valuable insights reflecting from on recent study concerning the health care sector, stressing the need for innovation in customer experience, more tailored medical services and products, as well as the chance to improve processes dramatically through digitalisation.


How long until the health industry changes? 

Definitely not as long as most corporates think and this is an open invitation for disruption – or as we like to say “a true chance for alpha!” (excess returns).

Minutes later 5 startups proved why they had been selected to step on stage to represent Switzerland. They all got it right, they solve true problems, have solid business models and scale with world famous Swiss precision – but in the end we had to pick a single winning team. Which one? We won’t tell you now ;-).

If you are curious and can’t wait to know which startups made it into the finals – book your flights, hotels and register for free to join us in Vienna at November 26th.